Current Legislative Issues

February 16, 2018

Katie Walton spoke about the 13th check. House Bill#21 passed committee. Sen. Poole did not present our 13th check bill; active teachers will get some sort of raise. Katie will go to Montgomery next week (Feb. 19-23). She said we have had no raise since 2007.

All retirees need to email our senators and representatives about House Bill #21.

December 5, 2017

Janice Charlesworth, AERA Executive Director, will be retiring and our new director will be in office beginning in February 2018.

Rep. Gerald Dial reiterated that no bill will come out until our 13th paycheck comes out.

Mrs. Pauline George, Area Two Coordinator, stated membership was growing but we must have 5000 retired members to sign up for the burial insurance in order for it to take place. You must be a member of AEA and our local association.

October 20, 2017

Rep. Gerald Dial supports the 13th paycheck for retired teachers and will work to secure it.

PEEHIP was fully funded for the 2017-2018 year so no premium increases.

Medicare Advantage Plan/United Health Care has 3 year contract. State decreased their funding from $405 to $230 for each Medicare member so members will see an insurance premium increase this year. Also the deductible will increase from $166 to $183 per member. All this is effective January, 2018. Premiums will be determined on the sliding scale guided by retirement date per individual.

August 2017

District AERA Annual Meeting Announcements:

Unfortunately the $400 one time retirees payment was voted down.

Retirees will be receiving information concerning a “free” Burial Insurance coverage in the amount of $12,000 at no cost to members. More information will be coming.

May 2017

The 13th pay check for retired teacher was voted down but a one time payment of $400 has been approved.

April 2017

Representative Issac Whorton spoke at the April CCERA Meeting and discuss ed there’s a movement in Alabama “to get rid of public education,” in favor of private education and charter schools. Whorton said that there are three “terrible” bills under consideration in the Alabama House right now, one of which in his opinion “would force public education to be charter schools.” The other bill, one on data collection, would collect all information on children and put it in one location. This bill plus the two relating to charter schools have the same sponsor. One of the bills on charter schools would bypass local school boards in the start-up, or switching over, of charter schools. That decision would be made in Montgomery. Another proposal would allow greater tax deductions to scholarship granting organizations. This would encourage more children going to private schools. Two issues that are of interest to retired educators, the possibility of a 13th check and a cost of living adjustment (COLA), aren’t overly promising at this time. The COLA appears extremely unlikely. Prospects for the 13th check are more promising.

February 2017

It is vital that members contact their Representative or Senator concerning the following issues:

  • Continue to fund the TRS
  • Stay out of the business of the RSA
  • Find funding for a 13th check for TRS retirees. It has been more than 11 years since retirees have received a COLA and ten years without a 13th check
  • Support legislation to create a COLA Trust Fund
  • Keep state’s promise that in retirement all education employees will have a pension and affordable health insurance

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